Director of Marketing

We are looking for a Marketing Director with experience in ecommerce to bring our marketing to the next level.

We are looking for a Marketing Director with experience in ecommerce to bring our marketing to the next level.



Eindhoven, NL

Director of Marketing

We want to expand our Growth Hack team in The Netherlands (Eindhoven and Amsterdam) with an experienced marketeer, who is up for a next career step as Director of Marketing and become a part of the Deity Management team. Who can lead the leveraging of online channels to support our brand, service, sales and customer experience. If your ambitions align with the results: in time, a future as Deity’s CMO is on the table.

‍About Deity

We are building the future of ecommerce. At Deity, we pursue to change the world of ecommerce with our Composable middleware solution and our blazingly fast PWA frontend. We work with Enterprise level ecommerce agencies, merchants and implementation partners. Ecommerce CCO’s love us for increasing their sales, CFO’s for decreasing their Total Cost of Ownership and CTO’s for making robust, clever and fun tools to work with. 

We are always on the forefront of technology and business. This means that our marketing team is never short on content, there’s always something exciting going on. We were the first to successfully bring a PWA to the Apple Store and the first to coin the term ‘Headless 2.0’.* But more importantly, we were the first to acknowledge that future ecommerce needs a more business centric approach, resulting in being the first company to offer a real composable solution: with Deity, you ARE the composer of your ecommerce business.

*If this doesn’t ring a bell yet, don’t worry, we’re happy to explain why this matters to our customers. 

Working at Deity means working in a fast-moving, dynamic, international organization. We are a Dutch company headquartered in Eindhoven, and Krakow (Poland).

‍‍About the Marketing team

The Marketing team is part of the Growth Hack team of our company and works closely with the Product team and the Sales team. The team works with the Development teams on a project base. 

As Director of Marketing, you’ll have the final responsibility in the following areas:

  • In general: Positioning us as the experts in our field and getting us in the picture of the right audience 

  • Generating traffic to our website

  • Defining and managing the brand 

  • Initiating and managing marketing campaigns

  • Producing marketing and promotional materials

  • Newsletters and other means of communication with our stakeholders

  • Creating content / content  management

  • SEA / SEO / affiliate marketing

  • Social media management 

  • Product (release) marketing

  • Event management

Our new colleague:

  • Has significant work experience in an online marketing role;

  • Has experience with working for or with a PAAS/SAAS company (or another subscription based business model) is a huge advantage

  • Also high on the nice-to-have list: relevant experience in the ecommerce market

  • Is very comfortable in a fast-moving, dynamic, international environment;

  • Likes coaching and collaborating. Communicating is your second nature;

  • Is fluent in English;

  • Is proactive, goal oriented, independent personality but a great team player;

  • Understands and is able to leverage the value of online marketing in a general sense.


Please send us your application, including a cover letter, via our application form by clicking on the application button.




Do you have what it takes? Let’s talk!

Do you have what it takes? Let’s talk!

Do you have what it takes? Let’s talk!

Send your resume to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.